Didn't know there was a market ...

7. March 2010 06:13

Stepper/elliptical bikes ...  Most  All cyclists probably  should think they are dumb.  Rightly so.  But amazingly, today, this very hour, there are at least two separate companies offering competing products and possibly even making money.  Who knew there was a market for these things and those things.  

I don't really understand it, but apperently there has been a long, somewhat secret, quest to perfect such a stepper vehicle over the last century, literaly a hundred of these ideas are out there.  If I am missing something and you can smell the opportunity, here are some stepper vehicle designs from expired patents you can start making, royalty free. Start the production lines now to cash in on the summer rush.  Time it right and you will be wicked rich my friend. 

US3,891,235    1975

US4,227,712    1980


Oh, in case all this has got you thinking ... forget about patenting it, already been done





Where is the auto-pump?

3. March 2010 06:49

What happened to self inflating wheels?  Inflate as your ride, never pump, always full ...  We had some good progress at the beginning of pneumatic tires, like for example:

US573,826  R. Mainardi  1896

US604,625  W, Metcalf   1898

US 598,108 McCollum 1898


All good stuff ... , especially that last one.  It may not look as interesting, but it is actually the neatest idea I think, you squeeze the air in a little channel into the tube as you ride, like squeezing a straw, no moving parts, if it actually works.   And in the 100 years since?  Practically nothing inovative.  Nano pumps? Nope.  Carbon nanotube inflator?  Nada.  Think it over the weekend, but I really want to see some MEMS based inflator applications soon.  Actually, "I claim a bike tube auto inflator comprising MEMS carbon nanotubes."  There.  I ruined it for everybody. 





Taking a Header, in 1886

2. March 2010 06:56

US353,904 E.L. Winey 1886

"The object of the invention is to obtain in riding increased ease, and to reduce the danger caused by the liability of the rider taking a "header", or falling headformost over the wheel when the latter suddenly strikes an obstacle. "

Yes, that is a suspension fork.